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 My role with Arbor has evolved over time from intern—to funeral director—to leader in the field—to manager of special projects and community relations, all of which I’ve enjoyed immensely. An ingredient that adds a ton of flavour to my job is that my role allows me to work with different teams, leaders, and communities across the country. That will never get old to me; I live for the newness and excitement that comes with different experiences and growth opportunities. There is a real feeling of family and community at Arbor and I feel a sense of belonging.   


Samantha Stokotelny

Manager, Special Projects and Community Relations


I like working with Arbor for the opportunities they have given me. I began in 2002 working evenings and weekends at Glen Lawn going on to obtain and complete my apprenticeship. I have worked hard and am now the assistant manager at Chapel Lawn. I have always set goals and by sharing them with management and taking the support offered to me I have been able to achieve them all.


Naomi Lutz

Assistant Funeral Home Manager, Chapel Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery


Funeral Service



Shannon's Story - Working in Funeral Service

It's not a job, it's a calling

We know that celebrating a life is truly personal.  Paying tribute to a loved one is different for everyone.  There is no one size fits all event.  That’s where you come in.  At an Arbor Memorial funeral home, you will help create memorials, funerals and experiences that are a real reflection of a family’s loved one.  

Jobs that you’ll find in our funeral homes include funeral directors, licensed embalmers, crematorium operators, office administrators, pre-planning funeral directors, drivers, funeral director assistants, and more. Our funeral home staff are all caring people offering gentle guidance. 

Our funeral homes employ a diverse group of experienced funeral professionals and professionals from other industries with transferrable skills. 

We understand the importance of the work we do, and care deeply about how we do it. If you have a passion for compassion, where a day at the office is an opportunity to help people, apply to Arbor Memorial and share in the honour of honouring life.  


Arbor's Intern Training Program

A dynamic, in-depth, and challenging training program designed to advance funeral service students in the first year of their career as a funeral director with Arbor.

Training begins with a Virtual Learning Week, consisting of a 2-hour workshop each day, where we explore the key principles of funeral service. Our goal is to provide students with an interesting and insightful week of learning and connect them with other Arbor funeral service students from across the country, allowing them to grow their network.  We also emphasize our Everyday Excellence culture – it’s our goal to deliver excellence in everything we do, to every customer, every single time.

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